Andarine of one of the most popular SARMs. Initially, this compound was formulated for treating various conditions such as osteoporosis, muscle wasting, and benign prostatic hypertrophy. More research is being done to determine the effectiveness and effects of andarine. It is known for producing incredible results when it comes to increasing bone strength and density and increasing muscle mass. Weightlifters have been using this compound to achieve their fitness goals.

Just like the other SARMs, andarine works by binding itself or fusing to the androgen receptors present in the body. Its operation is almost similar to that of steroids, but it does not have the disadvantages and side effects associated with usage of anabolic steroids. It is formulated to help with muscle building and enhancing performance and strength.

Main Uses of Andarine

S-4 or andarine is manly used for recomposing, cutting, and bulking. It has incredible results when it comes to fat burning, strength, and lean mass.

Cutting– Some people assume that andarine is not excellent for cutting, but findings show that it is very useful in cutting, especially when stacked with 20-25 grams of cardarine. Its users report the desired results after stacking for 12 weeks.

strong muscles

Strength-Individuals who want to push harder and achieve their fitness goals should combine Ligandrol with andarine. Those who have used this combination report good gains in strength after 2-3 weeks.

Bulking– Individuals who want to stack should take 10g of Rad140 with 50g of andarine daily and combine it with dieting. A typical bulking cycle lasts for about 8-12 weeks.

Recomposing– Findings show that andarine is useful during recomposition. This means that it can help one in gaining muscle and losing fat concurrently. To get the best results, you should stack 25mg of MK2866 (Ostarine) with 50g of andarine. Most users report getting excellent results after stacking for 12 weeks.

Primary Benefits of Andarine

Bone-strengthening– The other benefit of andarine is improving the muscle and strength of animals. Continuous use of S-4 is known for making one’s muscles harder and leaving him with a ripped and beautiful body.

Fat loss– S-4 helps stimulate one’s body to utilize all the stored fats.

Increased muscle mass-Increasing muscle mass was the original purpose and intent of S-4, thanks to its ability to prevent muscle wasting.

Side effects

Some of the rare side effects associated with andarine include:

  • Vision issues at night- This effect varies among users, and it is dose-dependent.
  • Water retention.